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About us
We are professional in appearance 3C metal parts manufacturing and integrated foundry.

From the design and development, the model specimen, appearance, open mold, mass production set up, to full process integration of contract, and volume production shipments. We offer consisting service, professional experience and strict quality. Inherited the traditional process of convergence of modern science and technology, we service the customers with good faith, innovation, quality, pragmatic, and efficiency as five convictions.

Encompasses foundry process with stamping, drawing, lathe, aluminum extrusion, forging, die casting, anode, hair, sand blasting, polishing, plating, coating, laser engraving, printing, diamond cutting, welding, CNC, etching and so on.

Company History
Established in 1981, Yunfa enterprise co. was founded by Mr. Lin Defa which is committed to the development and production of stamping dies. Meanwhile, in the press area Yunfa has a considerable extension of techniques and experience.


In 2007 changed its name to Yunfa Precision Development Co., Ltd. Inherited Yunfa over 20 years of experience in stamping technology and technology background and personal relationships, Yunfa officially transformed into a professional integrated 3C precision metal foundries.

In 2008, took second plant expansion on the citrus trees Citrus trees Yuen Street with number of 30 employees.

Business Item
¡EMold manufacturing and development
¡E3C parts stamping
¡ESteam locomotive parts and components manufacturing
¡EAppearance of the specimen
¡EIntegrated OEM production

Business Philosophy
¡EIntegrity ¡EInnovation ¡EQuality ¡EPragmatic ¡EEfficiency

Quality Policy

¡EProducts comply with environmental laws and regulations.

¡ESGS test of products.

¡EThe implementation of ISO9001

Company Location

Address: No. 7-3 in Lane 276 the second part of Citrus Street in Shulin City of Taipei County.

Phone: (02)2680-8065

Fax: (02)2680-7155